“There is no restaurant without field”.

Pietro Zito

“There’s no restaurant without field”. This is my philosophy. My dishes come from the land, that is why I’m called the “farmer chef “. It was a must to create a Garden right close to my restaurant.

“Il Mio Orto/My Garden” is a garden with the freshest products dedicated to my customers. Together with my father, I replanted on a 15,000 square meters garden some old cultivars almost forgotten in order to restore old tastes. Our guests can pick vegetables that will become their own lunch.

“Il Mio Orto/My Garden” is a biodynamic vegetable garden with Mediterranean scents of thyme and oregano, sage and marjoram and much, much more. This corner of northern Murgia is like a mosaic of biodiversity.

Thanks to my education as an agricultural expert and my father experienced knowledge, we respect and follow nature rhythm. “Il Mio Orto/My Garden” is a project of feeding education, a way to learn about wine and food that makes this region unique. The result is the opportunity to “adopt” a row of tomatoes or black beans or green beans and spend a different Sunday, maybe with children, and ensure its growth, until harvest. Through “Il Mio Orto/My Garden” I want to keep alive a wonderful balance between Antichi Sapori and the surrounding environment, the result of intelligent and courageous decisions: the restaurant is equipped with clean energy devices using the sun and recycling the heat of the stove to get hot water without waste of resources.

Season harvest

Autumn brings unique fragrances. The beginning of the season in Apulia is still mild and it is the perfect time to pick the last few basil leaves latest tomatoes and peppers.
Most important vegetables will be arugula, lettuce, lettuce, spinach, parsley and rosemary, depending on what sown in the previous months.

This season is also the month of the end of the harvest, the beginning of the olive harvest and the picking of chestnuts, hazelnuts almonds and mushrooms. This is the best time to sow beets, chard, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, beans, fennel, endive, peas, radicchio, radishes, escarole, spinach, corn salad.

Winter is a tough season for the land but it is amongst the most interesting seasons in terms of flavors employable in the kitchen. Amongst wild flavors, Borage, wild asparagus and spinach embellishing legume soups.

Pumpkins, beets, artichokes, chard, chicory, leeks, fennel and broccoli are the basis of a warm  and rich kitchen. The winter garden unexpected surprises. During these months it is ideal to plant beans, asparagus, peas, garlic, onions, radishes and bad luck to pick them up during the early spring times.

In the garden blooming colors and sweet flavors are unforgettable. The fields in bloom and the fragrance of the land offer unique experiences during the harvest especially when in search of wild herbs. Melissa and wild spinach are ideal to enrich salads.

The garden gives us carrots, asparagus, green beans, lettuce and chicory. The season is ideal to plant water melons, zucchini, arugula, basil, cucumbers, tomatoes and melons.

Summer has always been the magical harvest season. Cherries, apricots and peaches, vegetables and legumes.

This time of year is well suited to sow endive, zucchini, parsley, arugula, chard, cucumbers, basil, carrots, beets, leeks, chicory, radicchio, endivie, lettuces, beans.