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My Story

Field is my family.

Pietro Zito

I don’t like being called chef. I’m a cook who owes everything to the “field”.
The land was my teacher, my muse, my wealth of sensory experiences .
The land is my family.
Here’s where Antichi Sapori starts its story, at Montegrosso, a rural village where I grew up.
Antichi Sapori is not just a restaurant . It’s a way of life.

I love my food and I love to tell their story , their genesis . A story that is not only to be heard but also watched through a large window directly facing the kitchen .

Antichi Sapori keeps home warmth and “It is not forbidden to enter the kitchen”. Simplicity and genuineness are skills not to be hidden.

My world


It was the love for tradition, respect for raw material and seasonality but, most of all, the excellence of the ingredients, to inspire my kitchen. A few simple rules reflecting the simplicity of this territory itself.
We are in Alta Murgia where the landscape is as simple as exciting and magical. The stony valleys, the farms, the “transumanza” sheep tracks and the natural vegetation inspire my dishes.

The continuous search for authentic flavor brings me to discover new products and places and new fields to gather wild herbs. “My Field” is just a small vegetable garden next to the restaurant, where along with my father, I enjoy replanting almost forgotten cultivars.

Eating is an agricultural impulse!

Pietro Zito