Published On: Aprile 3, 2016

Antichi Sapori definitely serves one of the best authentic Italian meals ever — really one of the best meals ever period, Italian or not.

And, to be perfectly honest, I use the word “authentic” mostly for Google. Because, while these dishes are spectacular, the chef takes traditional Italian foods and refines and redefines them to create totally original tasty little morsels.  In other words, while the dishes could have originally come from your grandmother’s kitchen, these particular dishes are probably something no Italian grandmother would make.  Certainly not Mama Cappelli.

A majority of their ingredients for each dish come from their large garden a few meters away from the restaurant.  So it is a nice, heavy vegetarian meal (until you get to the meat course, of course).

The head chef, Pietro Zito, couldn’t be a nicer guy and his staff really is top quality.  The waiters know everything about the menu and every dish, while also serving everything with a flourish and a smile.

Hopefully the pictures and descriptions along with the podcast give you at least a taste of the amazing meal you can have when visiting.

Fonte: Living Villa cappelli